American Patriots PAC Launches $100,000 Ad Buy Supporting American Hero Dan Crenshaw

HOUSTON — Today, American Patriots PAC launched a $100,000 independent expenditure ad buy supporting hero Dan Crenshaw in his bid to represent Texas’ 2nd congressional district. The independent ad campaign will run from Thursday March 1st through Tuesday March 6th and consist of $70,000 of radio advertising in the Houston media market and $30,000 of cable advertising.

The campaign will reach GOP primary voters at a key juncture in the final days before voting. The radio and cable TV campaign is focused on stations that index highest with GOP primary voters in the 2nd district.

“Navy Seal Dan Crenshaw is an American hero,” said American Patriots PAC Chairman Dan Conston. “He has the character and conservative backbone to actually shake up Washington, secure our border and strengthen our military. 2nd district voters have a crystal clear choice: elect another typical do-nothing politician or elect an American hero with the backbone to actually get things done.”

American Patriots PAC is an independent-expenditure political action committee (“Super PAC”) supporting Dan Crenshaw for Congress.